The Voice on-line interview

12 April 2015

Written by Marcia Dixon

EVERYONE AT some point or other will experience loss, grief and bereavement. If they need help to overcome it, they can count on the support of Pastor Sharon Townsend and Dorothy Dwyer.
Four years ago these two Christians founded The Loss and Bereavement Group (LABG), and now host regular meetings so that those suffering from grief and loss can get advice, support and hope for the future.
Since its inception, the LABG has supported people, of all ages, backgrounds and faith. Pastor Sharon said: “We have assisted both men and women, people from various cultures, people who have lost their partners, a brother or sister and even grandparents.
“Interestingly, we have also had church leaders attend and many times we’ve found that people have attended for a recent loss, but then included previous losses that hadn’t been fully dealt with.”

Previous attendees of the LABG have welcomed the support they’ve received and how it helped them overcome their grief and accompanying emotions such as sadness, anger, and hopelessness.
If there’s the one thing the LABG does, it serves as a reminder of how debilitating grief can be. “The truth is it’s a very upsetting situation and takes us to a difficult place,” explained Dorothy.
“No-one welcomes grief, but it is an inevitable part of life. However, it’s better to understand this process and the strategies for coping for our own wellbeing in the long term. This is what our ministry is about.”
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Premier Christian Radio Interview

Thursday 29th January 2015 – 09:00 am

John Pantry interviews Pastor Sharon Townsend and Dorothy Dwyer on Premier Christian Radio, Inspirational Breakfast.

What you say to someone who has lost someone and is feeling bereaved and feel they can’t move on?

Because I’m sure we’ve all meet people like that at times, someone’s died, perhaps a much loved spouse and they feel well, my life is pointless. I mean the one whose died certainly wouldn’t want them to feel like that, would they?”

“No, no, not at all”

“What would you say to them?”

“It certainly isn’t easy, but it is a journey and a process of accepting the change, because we are still here. God still has a purpose for us or for you that is going through it and life is going to be different. Its about being able to take steps on a different path now, but believing that God still has a rich life for you as well.”

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