LIVING LOSS is the term we use to describe something that is lost that causes us to grieve, be unhappy and live below our best. If we lose something important, even if relatively small like a set of keys, we can go into a mild state of panic, being barely able to focus on anything else until those keys are found.
Throughout life, there are so many losses that affect us in a similar way. The loss of a relationship, loss of health, loss of family and friends through migration, etc. We can become anxious, lose focus and function below our best. We can also become aware that we are living with a ‘gap’ in our lives and it can feel as if someone had died.
At Junction Community Church, bereavement support groups have been a part of our work since 2011. We have been supporting those who have lost loved ones and interestingly, out of this, many have told us that they are grieving, not just for a lost loved one, but for some other cause, as already mentioned. This identified to us a further need as people are carrying grief due to a range of life experiences. People are ‘carrying on’ with life even with the feeling that ‘something is missing’. Out of this, we have extended our support to those experiencing a ‘living loss’.

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